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6b52ebfb804e dvyukov Tue 19 Aug 11:59 runtime: always pass type to mallocgc when allocating scannable memory
9a3b7b108ad3 dvyukov Tue 19 Aug 10:24 runtime: allow copying of onM frame
677c0cd37d62 dvyukov Tue 19 Aug 07:53 runtime: fix MemStats on 32-bits
40ba12acfb6a dvyukov Tue 19 Aug 07:49 runtime: convert Gosched to Go
e34ca40b4857 dvyukov Tue 19 Aug 07:49 cmd/gc: fix heap buffer overflow
d018c5d22f98 dvyukov Tue 19 Aug 07:46 runtime: improve diagnostics of non-copyable frames
11cb74101371 dvyukov Tue 19 Aug 07:46 runtime: fix memstats
71db3dc120af alex.brainman Tue 19 Aug 04:59 os: make SameFile handle paths like c:a.txt properly
36cd01e53b35 alex.brainman Tue 19 Aug 04:41 runtime: apply KindMask before comparison
8cfc3e423d17 adg Tue 19 Aug 04:24 html/template: don't panic on second execution of unescapable template
8f918b7db01b evankroske Tue 19 Aug 03:40 net/http: correct error message for incorrect Body length
be0c14f62257 rsc Tue 19 Aug 02:24 [dev.power64] liblink: recognize add instruction as adjusting SP
2aa982973978 rsc Tue 19 Aug 02:12 runtime: fix windows/amd64 build after pc-relative 6l change
15918878ae51 josharian Tue 19 Aug 01:14 liblink: fix encoding of ASETPC in 6a, 8a
d9b3cbdfc09f rsc Tue 19 Aug 01:13 cmd/gc, runtime: refactor interface inlining decision into compiler
5856eae43c26 rsc Tue 19 Aug 01:07 doc/go1.4: mention pc-relative addressing on amd64
3910cbf15646 rsc Tue 19 Aug 01:06 liblink: use pc-relative addressing for all memory references in amd64 code
01dbe00c72b5 rsc Tue 19 Aug 01:06 runtime: avoid $sym(SB) as constant
1991f0eb1bb4 dave Tue 19 Aug 00:52 cmd/6g: fix undefined behavior in reg.c
d5f73709cfdc adg Mon 18 Aug 22:52 fmt: print byte stringers correctly
4fa514b5c635 jra Mon 18 Aug 21:41 bzip2: improve performance
3cf190969915 khr Mon 18 Aug 20:26 runtime: move panicindex/panicslice to Go.
33289cfd4925 mpvl Mon 18 Aug 18:26 unicode: strconv: regexp: Upgrade to Unicode 7.0.0.
93c3614a281e dvyukov Mon 18 Aug 18:21 runtime: add more cases to GC info test
0bf0f54fa7eb bradfitz Mon 18 Aug 18:19 internal/syscall: add support for getrandom on arm
b86ee06ef235 dvyukov Mon 18 Aug 12:52 runtime: implement transfer cache
7718fcdf3380 dvyukov Mon 18 Aug 12:42 runtime: fix dump of data/bss
72bbe8918883 dvyukov Mon 18 Aug 12:33 runtime: don't acquirem on malloc fast path
55f09668f3b2 dvyukov Sat 16 Aug 05:07 runtime: mark with non-atomic operations when GOMAXPROCS=1
026598be012a dave Sat 16 Aug 04:10 cmd/ld: fix operator precedence

Sub-repositories at tip (6b52ebfb804e)

go.blog 7bb9f928b36d dave Fri 08 Aug 01:06 go.blog: exclude gorilla example (fixes build)
go.codereview 1ae8ccbf9535 r Sat 21 Dec 00:30 .hgignore: add comment setting policy
go.crypto f3cebac2bd11 hanwen Wed 13 Aug 17:56 go.crypto/ssh: skip tests that start ssh-agent.
go.exp bd8df7009305 aram Sun 22 Jun 23:43 go.exp/fsnotify: fix Plan 9 and Solaris builds
go.image e492ffa4cad4 nigeltao Mon 30 Jun 01:43 go.image/tiff: remove unreachable code.
go.net ad01a6fcc8a1 abursavich Mon 11 Aug 20:57 context: make parentCancelCtx iterative
go.talks fbb6d94078f3 adg Thu 07 Aug 00:20 go.talks: fix build
go.tools 77441f2ef868 dvyukov Tue 19 Aug 12:22 dashboard/app: eliminate more flakes