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e90c6c19ab19 minux Sat 16 Aug 04:04 cmd/ld: fix operator precedence
68b973321bb5 bradfitz Sat 16 Aug 00:47 crypto/x509: SystemRootsError style tweaks, document in Verify
42926452c8c0 henning Fri 15 Aug 22:19 cmd/dist: goc2c ignores GOROOT_FINAL
566ea9cc9b97 iant Fri 15 Aug 22:18 A+C: Henning Schmiedehausen (individual CLA)
541b884670bf minux Fri 15 Aug 19:31 [dev.power64] liblink: fix g->panicwrap update code generation
eb3995b89fe2 rsc Fri 15 Aug 19:28 [dev.power64] runtime: fix usleep not to smash saved LR
e5cb9f1db4e2 rsc Fri 15 Aug 19:22 [dev.power64] runtime: make all bitmaps arrays of bytes
89e04c22c119 r Fri 15 Aug 19:35 cmd/go: fix a couple of errors found by "go vet"
db1c196c7e1b r Fri 15 Aug 18:41 fmt: fix size returned on fast path of ReadRune
88dc2cecad6b dvyukov Fri 15 Aug 18:36 runtime: fix getgcmask
4ea7fb0f5747 mdempsky Fri 15 Aug 18:33 cmd/gc: disallow pointer constants
5d729c920330 dvyukov Fri 15 Aug 16:51 misc/nacl: add debugging instructions
ff34a3e84dc0 egonelbre Fri 15 Aug 06:37 net: fix CNAME resolving on Windows
eb682bff02be dave Fri 15 Aug 03:15 [dev.power64] runtime: define page size on power64le systems to be 64k
4b852be63380 adg Fri 15 Aug 00:03 [release-branch.go1.3] doc: make it point to correct go1.3.1 change history
f7960512cdc2 adg Fri 15 Aug 00:02 [release-branch.go1.3] doc: remove the "the" in "the the" in the release notes
cf5017c4a780 mikioh.mikioh Thu 14 Aug 23:46 doc: make it point to correct go1.3.1 change history
ac6bc09741db rsc Thu 14 Aug 20:34 [dev.power64] runtime: fix RuntimeGogoBytes on power64
0c44adc7efa3 rsc Thu 14 Aug 19:29 [dev.power64] cmd/ld, runtime: detect, fix nosplit overflows
03f705ff3999 rsc Thu 14 Aug 19:29 [dev.power64] syscall: fix power64 page size
f1b66bd951ff rsc Thu 14 Aug 18:35 [dev.power64] reflect: fix test not to hang even if TrySend lies
53dea1675e37 rsc Thu 14 Aug 18:34 [dev.power64] cmd/dist: tell goc2c that power64 is 64-bit system
1bc45107a0a2 rsc Thu 14 Aug 18:34 [dev.power64] cmd/9g: correct floating point comparison
40cedb78d837 rsc Thu 14 Aug 18:34 [dev.power64] runtime: replace getproccount with simpler code
384b77fbd00d rsc Thu 14 Aug 18:34 [dev.power64] cmd/9c: fix constant truncation in optimizer
9c7b62a3b22a minux Thu 14 Aug 17:59 [dev.power64] test/nosplit.go: add power64 support
a8a6e765d6a8 dvyukov Thu 14 Aug 17:38 runtime: mark objects with non-atomic operations
3b864e02b987 mdempsky Thu 14 Aug 16:21 cmd/cgo: check for compiler errors in the C preamble
23c87d851dab minux Thu 14 Aug 16:01 [dev.power64] runtime: don't fault on runtime.procyield, just return
09bd73e4b42e minux Thu 14 Aug 16:01 [dev.power64] syscall: re-generate using cgo compiled by gc, fix test failures