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3dcc6eca274f minux Thu 14 Aug 16:01 [dev.power64] runtime: add power64/power64le as supported arch to gcinfo_test.go
f883511029fa minux Thu 14 Aug 15:59 [dev.power64] runtime: fix time.now
86e56b8a8b81 minux Thu 14 Aug 15:59 [dev.power64] reflect: now we find one big endian machine
535b4b32c236 rsc Thu 14 Aug 15:57 [dev.power64] liblink: fix $large(SP) for floating point load/store
b6784924c5eb rsc Wed 13 Aug 22:32 [dev.power64] liblink: fix handling of $nnn(reg)
7ea7a1ea33a4 rsc Wed 13 Aug 22:14 [dev.power64] liblink: fix handling of MOVD with large constants
d8b12312c56b rsc Wed 13 Aug 20:26 [dev.power64] runtime: fix reflect.call
bd233e170233 rsc Wed 13 Aug 19:50 [dev.power64] runtime: fix C prototype for cmallocgc
54ba90f48fb2 rsc Wed 13 Aug 19:49 [dev.power64] cmd/9g: fix floating-point comparison for NaN
59b714c360ae minux Wed 13 Aug 19:49 [dev.power64] cmd/9g: add missing break
00adc0468090 minux Wed 13 Aug 18:52 [dev.power64] runtime: fix build
6f533b62a788 rsc Wed 13 Aug 18:52 [dev.power64] runtime: fix newstackcall
2cc71cd8fe3e r Wed 13 Aug 21:56 doc/go1.4.txt: cmd/go changes, syscall
f5f268b32b94 gri Wed 13 Aug 19:53 text/scanner: improve documentation
eb53157dcfcf rsc Wed 13 Aug 18:36 [dev.power64] cmd/9l, math/big, runtime, syscall: fixes for power64
2b1bea3ca93d minux Wed 13 Aug 15:39 [dev.power64] cmd/9g: do not ignore move instructions even if from and to are samaddr()
132f262db488 mdempsky Wed 13 Aug 18:16 cmd/cgo, debug/dwarf: fix translation of zero-size arrays
0104f3556876 dvyukov Wed 13 Aug 16:42 runtime: keep objects in free lists marked as allocated.
7e5e03f84135 thiago.farina Wed 13 Aug 13:47 cmd/dist: Reuse streq whenever possible.
f824bdf8e6ba adg Wed 13 Aug 13:20 doc: remove the "the" in "the the" in the release notes
1a58c0ea234f adg Wed 13 Aug 03:38 [release-branch.go1.3] undo 941ef9ddbada / 125150044
941ef9ddbada adg Wed 13 Aug 03:20 [release-branch.go1.3] runtime: fix GC bitmap corruption
073fc578434b adg Wed 13 Aug 03:18 [release-branch.go1.3] net: prevent spurious on-connect events via epoll on linux
ea075874a364 adg Tue 12 Aug 21:42 [release-branch.go1.3] doc: document go1.3.1
40272ab1339a adg Tue 12 Aug 20:59 go1.3.1
23f1ebe74d90 adg Tue 12 Aug 20:34 [release-branch.go1.3] cmd/gc: make liveness ~10x faster
5794f7185ba0 adg Tue 12 Aug 05:51 [release-branch.go1.3] cmd/8g: fix build
17d80550d371 adg Tue 12 Aug 04:07 [release-branch.go1.3] runtime: ignore exceptions from foreign threads.
8246129e698d adg Tue 12 Aug 00:05 [release-branch.go1.3] cmd/6g, cmd/8g: fix, test byte-sized magic multiply
1f7b50bf1050 adg Mon 11 Aug 23:51 [release-branch.go1.3] doc: document new ParseMultipartForm behavior